“God, give me the breakdancers of Asia!”

This has been the cry of Enoch’s (one of our teammates) heart for the past 7 years. He has prayed, built relationships, share the gospel, and prayed more. But it just seemed like things weren’t breaking through among this subculture.

And then God answered Enoch’s prayers.

Kai, one of the top breakdancers in Asia, met a Korean-American pastor while visiting America, and gave his life to Christ. Then that American pastor came twice to visit him in Asia and help him share with his friends. Kai gathered his friends, who happen to be eleven of the top breakdancers from across this part of Asia. And since the pastor can’t speak the local language, our friend Enoch got invited to that meeting as well to translate.

Over several days the pastor began to share the gospel with the biggest influencers in this subculture gathered together in one room as Enoch translated. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully and these 11 top breakdancers all gave their lives to Christ. The pastor looked at the group and said, “I must go back to America, but you need to follow Enoch as he leads you to start a church.” Jesus heard the cry of Enoch’s heart and gift wrapped 11 of the most influential breakdancers in the whole nation as a gift to him!

And now they are growing in their relationship with God, sharing the gospel with those they influence, and this miracle is continuing to grow. More have come to Christ in their breakdance crews and the gospel has even spread to groups in new cities. There is no limit to what our God can do!