Sometimes the language barrier gets discouraging, sometimes the response is no or we perceive that the soil isn’t ready. But we are not the farmer of the fields; we are to only faithfully sow upon the ground. As sons and daughters of God, our responsibility doesn’t rely on their response, but whether or not we gave them the chance to respond. When we share with this truth there is freedom to openly sow seeds to anyone around us. God is the one who works on their hearts afterward to remove the rocks or thorns in the soil.

He has been so faithful in setting up divine appointments for each of us. I am particularly excited for this evening as we are meeting with a girl named Katherine. She has shared that her grandma and mother are believers, but she doesn’t want God because she called on Him in past struggles and says He never helped her. We believe Katherine has been oppressed by the enemy but upon hearing more of the Gospel, she lit up with hope! We have been praying and declaring God’s pursuit of her for He has prepared the way for her. Please pray that the enemy will be held back as we pour into her more; that there will be a quivering in her heart upon hearing the truth and promises God has for her. Pray for eyes to be opened and a heart ready to receive Jesus!