Ni hao!!!!!!! A hot and sticky day, Merah and I boarded the bus to meet up with a friend, Bella. Never having ridden the bus on our own, it was a huge relief after we get off to see our friend and give her a big hug. As we walked arm and arm down the streets, we came to a KFC, and decided to check out this little piece of home away from home. Two pieces of that good ‘ole Kentucky-fried chicken later, Merah and I began to share the message with Bella.

Bella comes from a Muslim background and upbringing. As we came to the part in our message when we asked her if she wanted to start a relationship with God, she leaned back in her seat, crossed her arms, and told us that she cannot believe in Jesus because she is Muslim. However, with the exchange of one glance, I knew that Merah and I were thinking the same thing: that will soon change!!!

An hour or so later, Bella introduced us to a friend named Joy who really wanted to meet us because we are foreigners, and she is learning English. We changed locations to meet up with Joy at another slice of home away from home, McDonald’s. As we stuffed our faces with fries, Merah and I tried to think of what we could possibly talk about with this girl who barely spoke a lick of English.

Who other than our “Muslim” friend suggested that we share with Joy the story we had told her just a couple hours back!!!!! We began to share the message, as Bella willingly translated for us!!!! It turns out, Joy has an aunt who is a Christian!!!! And when we asked Joy if she wanted to start a relationship with God, the anticipation bubbling inside of me as I waited for Bella to be finished translating, Joy looks at us and with the biggest smile said, “YES, I WANT TO!!!” 🙂

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Bella, that she would come to know the love of Jesus Christ and realize her need for a Savior. Also for me and my partner to be able to schedule hang-outs and meet-ups with our friends who have very busy schedules. Thank you so much for reading my updates, praying for me, and supporting me in the way that you do. I would not be able to do this without all of you!!