Taking a deep breath as I slowly get off my bike the cool breeze gently kisses my cheek. I look directly in front of me catching sight of a green fence that surrounds the university’s stadium. I proceed to walk through a small opening that allows students to pass through without using the large gate in the middle. What seems like thousands of students playing badminton, soccer, and basketball are quite possibly only hundreds of eager students to get away from their daily studying.

As I walk toward the large soccer field in the middle of the stadium, I walk over a maroon colored track. It has definitely seen better days since some parts of the track are growing soft and sprouting grass. A little ways behind the field in front of me is a tall set of bleachers for curious spectators watching their friends. To my left is a large basketball court consisting of multiple baskets and what seems like hundreds of students playing basketball. I finally reach the soccer field in the center and sit down. I pull out my cleats and take off my jackets. Suddenly an Asian student comes up to me and asks if I would like to play. I try to communicate with what little of his language I know, but he fails to understand so we continue to wave hands and point. Smiling, we both walk onto the field and warm up.

Minutes go by and about 30 to 40 students are crammed on one side of the field attempting to play on a half-sized field. I struggle to get ten or less touches on the ball after two hours of playing. Defeated, I slowly walk off the pitch. Panting, I reach my bag and pull out my water bottle. A few students are standing around watching their friends or classmates play. I carefully plan out what I should say in so much detail I take forever to even speak one word. Suddenly, I go for it completely forgetting what I wanted to say. “Hello! What is your name?” comes out of my mouth. Steadily, the students look shocked and a little shy since a foreigner is talking to them, but they come over and start to talk to me.

After we go through the basic conversation topics, what is your name, what are you studying, where are you from, what do you like to eat, I get their contact info and bid them farewell. More prey. The sun has already started to set and I am famished. I carefully unlock my bike and hop on the seat, and slowly peddle to the shopping area on campus. When I arrive I head over to a baozi shop (steamed buns with pork..so good) and order four of them with my broken CAsian. I pay the man and head back to my bike. What a crazy day! I take the small bag of baozi and put it on one of my handle bars and slowly peddle back to home.

Hey everyone, I figured I would finish the story about biking to campus. I usually do this once a week maybe more if I have to. Anyway, these past few weeks have been pretty dry. Not a whole lot has been going on to mention. Except, we had two friends get baptized this week which was a really cool and exciting thing to have happen after being here for four months. They are some of the first guys we met and I am so excited to see them taking this step. God is doing some really cool things over here with our friends. We have been pouring into multiple friends and I just ask for prayers as these next three weeks go by. Since it is really close to Christmas, there will be an awesome time to share so please keep that in thoughts as well! Thank you all so much for the support and I cannot wait to see you all again!