I was at a nearby café studying, when out of nowhere a girl came up to me and asked if she could ask me some questions relating to her thesis in Philosophy. Her English name is Coco, and she asked me what I thought were some of the differences in morals and sense of justice between the West and the East.  In my answer, I mentioned she should take a look at a Good Book because America’s founders believed in those principles and used them for guidance. She told me that she knew that, and her English professor told her the same thing! AND that her English professor has also told her about Jman. Coco then told me that she just watched the Passion movie and wondered why someone would do something like that; something so horrible and bloody.

I said, “Coco, He did that so you can know God, have true life, and be free to be with Him forever.” As I shared with her that while He was on the cross he was thinking of her, she was taken aback. I asked her if she wanted a relationship with Him and know Him more.  She told me that she was very interested but not yet ready.  She also said something that a lot of natives here will say: ‘I think my life is okay right now, so until I have some problem, maybe I don’t need this.’  I said okay, I’ll leave you with two questions: one, will you look at a Bible with me soon? and would you rather have something bad happen and wonder if God will help you, or would you rather know God and know that He will help you?

She admitted it was better to be ready for all situations, and that knowing God would help.  She even said there was an Asian proverb that says the same idea haha! We ended up meeting two weeks later to read the Bible together and talk about God while getting to know each other more. She asked so many thought provoking questions, clearly being stirred by the Holy Spirit. She is so drawn by Him, so fascinated, hungry for more. What an amazing thing God has done by putting someone into my life who is so clearly being pursued by Him.  I’m so excited to continue building our friendship and inviting her into relationship with God!