After being with Campus Target for over 5 years, 4 of those in Asia, there are fewer and fewer chances do do something for the first time ever. Eaten crazy things like intestines, bugs and dog. Done. Take a 24 hr train ride then a 12 hr bus ride into the edge of the Himalayas. Done. Don’t have a bathtub so we set up a kiddie pool in our bedroom to baptize new believers. Done that too!

So it was really special Thursday morning when all of CT both Stateside and Asia side got together on Skype to pray for an hour. You see, in one of our cities, we have already seen 29 new Asian believers come into the family since late Aug. Amazing!

But last week, on two separate occasions, some of our team members where hit by drunk drivers while they were in taxis. One was right after a baptism, and the other after a friend had just come into the family. A coincidence… I think not.

The Bible tells us that the enemy is out to steal kill and destroy. And that what we felt was happening to members of our team.

So all 50 CTer’s took an hour on Thursday asking the Lord to keep the salvation’s coming and that our teams would stay protected. God tells us to expect persecution and attacks from the enemy but for us not to retreat but to ask for His Holy Spirit to give us boldness.

Would you stand with us in prayer?

  • Keep praying for our teams in Asia
  • That more students would put their faith in Christ
  • That we would have 40 new workers on a plane for Asia this next August