I’d like to introduce you to my “new” friend, Sophia. She’s not really a new friend because I met her LAST YEAR. Actually, my teammate from last year met her at an English Corner in February and faithfully maintained the friendship. Even though I knew Sophia was a student at the campus where I regularly hang out, I’ve never been excited about being her friend. Until Recently.

Last week Sophia came to all the activities we had planned: Girls’ Night, an English Corner that we lead, and the weekly fellowship meeting. After spending much time with her, I told my teammate from this year, “Sophia’s changed; she’s different than last year. I really like her now, and I want to spend more time with her.” Just a couple days after I made that comment, Sophia joined the family! (She was one of the 5 girls who joined at the Book Club meeting!)

Ever since, she has become eager to help out however she can. She and I got together the day before our usual fellowship meeting to practice some songs, so she could feel more comfortable in the meeting. After learning the songs, we cleaned the meeting place together! Even though she didn’t know how to squeeze the water out of the mop and had to ask me how to do it (and even though she was wearing heels and a skirt), Sophia offered to mop the floor!

She came early to the meeting the next day to set up chairs and set out the music sheets and Books, and at Girls’ Night this week she explained the story of Thanksgiving. My teammate and I have asked Sophia and another girl who joined our family that same night to help us plan the next girls night. 🙂

God is doing so many amazing things in her life! He’s put her in a family of believers who really care about each other, but not everything is easy. Recently she opened up and told me about many family wounds, and just two days ago she broke up with her boyfriend who pursued a job in another city quite a distance away. She told me not matter how she tries to figure it out, she doesn’t see their future together, but she wants to trust God to show her His plans.

Please keep Sophia in your prayers…for her to learn how to embrace God during this rough time and for her to know that as His child, He is holding her.