So in order that you get to know where I am a little better I have decided to start every blog off with a random fact. And this one starts with a joke. What's hidden, sneaky and wet? I call them splashy bricks. They are loose bricks that rock back and forth when you step on them and splash you when you step off of them. And since all the streets in the city are 6 by 6 colored bricks there are a lot of bricks. All that to say that it rains a lot every week.

So we are past the initial shock of everything and it is all starting to feel real. I am starting to settle into life here even though we are not settled in all the way into our daily life. Most of us are still in the hotel because the apartment search is taking awhile. I am definitely looking forward to when we can invite people to our place to hang out. You can call up people and go out to eat with them to get to know them but if you have them over every Tuesday night to hang out, talk, play game and watch movies you are really going to have a chance to not only get to know them better but share with them about the really important things in life.

One of the most difficult things that we are going to have to do is to figure out who to hang out with. In some cases you like the person but they speak terrible English making extremely difficult to even get to know the person. I had this situation happen this week with someone I met playing soccer. We went out together to play some ball but when we had the chance to talk it would take 30 seconds to ask a simple question and then get a response. It really makes it a hard choice who to invest in.

Not that this is always going to be the case. Carl and I met this guy John last week who speaks pretty good English and is a really cool guy. Already we can see that we should develop a friendship with him cause he seems like the perfect person to share with. In the end we just need to continue to tune our ears into what God is saying in order that we walk in the right direction.