We rushed from place to place, trying to finish everything on our TO DO LIST:
(1) eat lunch (trying not to get sick b/c we had to eat so fast)
(2) stop by one apartment to pick up the rice cooker
(3) shop at market for food for the evening meal at the f-ll-wship
(4) prepare the meal for 30 people
(5) converse with the Asian family members at the fellowship
(6) leave to have dinner with other friends (actually runnning to catch the bus on time to the university)

What a busy day! We were walking from the bust stop to the designated meeting place on the university when I “accidentally” ran into two of my friends from last year…

These friends, David and Lianna, had become Christians about 5 weeks after I met them last year; they are very special to me! I was so surprised to see them because I knew David had finished school and taken a job in another city a few hours away. I never expected to see him in this city! He was visiting for the weekend, and we were able to meet for lunch the next day!

I was so amazed that we ran into each other! That is something that only God can do! As I was thinking about how God had ordered my steps last year to meet David and Lianna and become their friend, He showed me that He’ll take care of this year too! I can trust Him to direct my steps, even throughout a busy day, keeping me in-step with His Spirit!