The sound of high-pitched squeals hit my ears the moment my girls and I stepped through the doorway of our newly-rented apartment. For the next 4 minutes, the squeals continued as each girl raced from room to room.

All week I had prepared my team for the worst. We were mentally prepared to spend the next two weeks painting and fixing up a shabby apartment, trying to make it into a home. So we were all shocked to step into a picture-perfect apartment.

The four of us darted through the spacious apartment, squealing each time we entered a new room. Wooden floors in the three bedrooms, tile floors in the living room, a beautiful black marble dining room table topped with a vase full of pink lilies, inset shadow boxes on the walls, beautiful lighting, air conditioning, the largest kitchen I have ever seen in Asia, a microwave, two bathrooms (one with a western toilet!), a huge TV, a white leather couch set…the list could go on!

We felt blessed way beyond any of our expectations. We were literally giddy with a sense of God's goodness to us! As we prayed over each room in our new home, we all felt immense gratitude to G for providing so well for His children.

We already have vision for this beautiful apartment to be a welcoming place for many Asian girls. I thank God in advance for the girls that will come to know Him as they eat at our table or sit on our couches, and hear about our loving Father!