A few weeks ago, one of my teeth started causing some problems.  I went to the dentist and they told me that a crack in my tooth was causing problems with my nerve.  I’m pretty sure they gave me a root canal, although the procedures are a little different from back inAmerica.  Since then, I have gone back to the dentist a couple times, for dental work and x-rays. I’ve been so very blessed that my friend Lissi has been going to the dentist with me each time to help with translation! And I’m also learning a lot of vocab about dentistry too!  Right now, it is a little painful, but not too bad. Most of all, it’s more of an inconvenience.


So far, I have been to the dentist 7 times….yes, 7.  The past couple of times that I went, I felt really strongly that God had bigger purposes for me continuously going that a silly little tooth.  I’ve been praying for an opportunity to share, especially with one of my nurses, Lili.  Earlier today, she and I were talking and I asked her to come with me to church tomorrow night (Wednesday).  She was so excited that she made me pinky swear that we’d go together!  She’s an absolute sweetheart and I’m sooooo very much looking forward to spending some time with her tomorrow and being able to share the Gospel with her!  Please pray for her!  I’m not only asking for her salvation, but for the salvation of every single nurse and doctor in my dentist office.  I’ll keep you updated!  In regards to my tooth, this Friday is my last appointment, and then, God willing, I’ll never have to go back again!


Two weeks ago, we started our Bible Study.  We meet one afternoon every week for a couple hours. Lissi has been doing a phenomenal job at leading discussion.  It’s awesome to see the way she is growing both in her personal relationship with Dad as well as in the area of leadership.  It’s pretty incredible!  On top of that, G0d is definitely bringing those that He has chosen to the group.  Last week, as we met on campus for our art club, a girl heard the guitar and saw Clive painting a picture of a cross.  It turns out that her mom is a pastor and she is also a believer (but still has many questions and hasn’t fully surrendered).  On Monday, she came to our study and humbly asked many questions.  It was fun for me to listen as the other believers helped answer her question by showing her G0d’s Word.  The entire study is completely in the local language.  I’ve been doing a really great job at understanding the main points of discussion, but it’s still difficult for me to know enough of what is going on to contribute in a lot of the conversation.  Please pray that God would give me extra grace with language as we meet weekly to study His Word.