David & Lianna have joined the family!!!!! It happened tonight over duck soup. As we sat at the table, theguy, Dove and I made conversation with the young couple. As theguy talked with David about dreams for the future, theguy said that the one thing he really wants to do with his life is to help people get to know God. I held my breath, waiting for David?s reaction. The moment was lost as the waiter squeezed between them to dump another dish of noodles into the steaming bowl of duck soup in the middle of our table.

The conversation abruptly shifted to discussion about the food. Not five minutes later, David suddenly interjected to inform us that he was very interested to get to know more about God, and he hoped we could help him and his girlfriend learn more.

Surprised, I responded, “Of course, we would love to tell you more about God!? I explained that despite our cultural differences, there is still the same thing in every person in the world that knows God exists, and longs to know Him. What’s more, God actually wants to have relationship with us! We talked about the Christmas story, and a few other Bible stories. David & Lianna already knew the stories about Jesus? birth, his death, and resurrection! The only thing they didn’t seem to know was exactly why Jesus came to earth. They thought He came to rescue poor people from poverty and to give them a better life in Paradise.

Theguy told them the story of how God created mankind, and how the first man’s sin separated him from friendship with God. That the reason Jesus came to earth was take our sins upon Himself, so that we could have friendship with God. Right there, over duck soup, David & Lianna nodded excitedly when thguy offered them the opportunity to accept Jesus right then, so they could be God?s friends!

Dove led them in a prayer, then they prayed in their language, beautiful words from their hearts. They looked up, glowing with newfound peace. David described the feeling of warmth inside him: “I feel so warm and comfortable inside; so at peace.” He said he thought this would make him a new, better man! Lianna said she felt so good and peaceful, and more confident. The five of us beamed at each other, and I realized I was no longer hungry. The joy of the moment filled me to overflowing!

David remarked that he thought we were a special gift, brought to them by God. We agreed that God wanted so much for our two new friends to get to know Him that He had our paths meet! Dove exclaimed that our leader’s name means “Gift of God.” It was so perfect for him to be with us tonight, leading David & Lianna to receive the gift of God’s son, Jesus. I can’t think of a better gift!

All for Him,