We were wrapping up our Bible Study, about to end on time for once! Then Angela asked one last question that had been on her mind. “Why did no one in this believe in God for so many years?” As I thought about how to answer, I vaguely recalled a movie that told the story of God throughout the nation’s history. Two years ago, this film had provided the turning point for an Asian student to accept Jesus. In the back of my mind, I remembered seeing a copy of that dvd in a box I had inherited from a previous teammate.

Sure enough, I found it in a stack between Pride & Prejudice and a cd of Christmas music. I had never watched it, so I hoped it was good. Maybe it would have some answers for Angela. I suggested Angela come over for a movie night next week so we could watch it together. But she looked at the clock and replied, “How about now? I can stay late!”

In between reading the English subtitles, Ellei and I kept glancing at Angela to see her response. Angela's eyes remained glued to the screen, watching scenes of the worst times of the country’s history. The movie showed the repeated pain the nation had brought on herself by shutting God out of her country. It seemed a little harsh…would Angela be offended? But as soon as the first dvd of the set ended, Angela was the one to hop up from the couch to put the second disc in!

Angela was almost moved to tears during the film. At the end she declared, “Everyone here needs to see this film! It is harsh, but it is the truth. I will never forget this night…this touched the softest part of my heart!”

It hit close to home for Angela to see the great need for her country to know God. She suddenly felt selfish for keeping her new faith to herself the last 2 months. Fear and self-protection have held her back, but now she is getting a burden to share the truth with others. Next week we plan to share with her some tips on sharing her faith, and pray for the boldness of the Holy Spirit to fill her with power to spread the Gospel! I believe Angela will be a powerful tool to advance God's kingdom in her country!