We were getting a late start. Girls' Night was supposed to begin at 7:00PM, but it was a few minutes after that time when I received a phone call from one of the guys on my team. A friend of his had brought a girl to Guys' Night! I left our group to rescue her from the horrors of being stuck with the guys, but that meant our night would start late.

When I got back to the Girls' Night Party, my teammate informed me that the guitar we usually use to play worship songs was not available. Ok, what were we going to do? Our plans weren't working out too well (This was one of those days when I started to wonder why we even spent time planning…), but I put some back ground music on and got the group (5 nonbelievers and 2 believers, plus me and my teammate) started on a game.

The QUESTION BOWL is an activity that gets people thinking. A bunch of thought-provoking questions are written on small pieces of paper, which are put into a bowl. Each participant gets to pick a piece of paper, read the question and answer it. It's a non-threatening way to hear about people's beliefs and to throw a few of our own out there as well!

Questions like “What is your most embarrassing moment?” got people laughing. My friend Cathy, an Asian believer, got the question, “What was your most memorable experience?” She answered it by sharing her testimony of when God came into her life and showed her His love. She said nothing has compared to that time!

The other believer, my friend Wendy, got a question about “What things do you do in life to relieve stress and pressure?” Though her major is electronics, she loves to study French and paint. Wendy hopes to go to France someday (She's so artistic!), but she said if she could do one thing to relieve pressure, she would spend time with God because He cares for her, and all her dreams for life, though they are fun to have, make her strive in order to obtain them.

These girls stepped up to the plate! They didn't let the opportunity slip by to share about their faith! The nonbelievers heard about God from other Asian people, which is really important in this atheist country because many times they think that maybe God is just for westerners. It was awesome they heard He is for them too! The girls we're working with at our local fellowship are really doing it! We're proud of them as they're stepping out in their faith!