What would a moment look like when a person is teetering between forever life and forever death? I think I saw one this week.

“If I believe in the Son, do I need to refuse all other beliefs?”

The question normally wouldn’t bother me at all–I would just say yes and explain why. But this was an awkward moment. We had 6-7 people sitting in a room, and three of them had just indicated they wanted to join the family. We were getting ready to lead them in a prayer to accept Him. Then Richard suddenly realized he hadn’t thought about what to do with other beliefs.

Then we all talked about it. Broddy was explaining that there is a difference between culture and belief. (Timeout: did I just say BRODDY was doing that? Yes I did! Brodddy joined the family, folks!) We explained to Richard that he can take more time if he needs to. And then he looked at us. And looked at us. And I had no idea what was happening in his head.

So he asked for five minutes to think about it. We led Broddy in a prayer to join the family. The third person decided SHE needed more time. Then I asked Richard what he was thinking. After I explained again that it’s okay to take more time, he suddenly announced, “I’ve decided!” He chose life.