3 more girls joined the family! At our Girls Party yesterday, Helen, Smile, and Judy prayed to accept Jesus!

I’ve been blown away by the ripe harvest this year! We’ve had 7 girls from our campus join the family already! During the summer I was praying for miracles, believing that this year would be even better than last. God is already surprising me by how quickly He is moving in hearts!

I can see it…these new family members meeting at our apartment weekly to learn more about their faith. Starting to study the Bible together. Forming friendships with each other. A house party starting in our home. Leaders being raised up. Young students sharing their faith with their roommates as they lay in their bunk beds at night. Telling their friends about the new hope they have found. Returning to their hometowns all across the nation, sharing the Good News with their families. Rising to positions of influence in business, in government, in education…slowly turning the nation to the God that longs for them to know HIM!

And I can’t believe I get to be here right now, part of this! It’s crazy! I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather do!