My partner Vash and I are scheming to come up with an excuse to talk to a perfect stranger. We are sort of looking for the east gate, so we decide to ask if he could tell us the way.

We were just walking around the campus that we will call home for the next nine months, strolling along and praying for a move of God there. I see a young man wearing an orange shirt walking along looking a bit forlorn. Suddenly I sense I should talk to him, but we are doing a prayer walk, not meeting people. So I continue to walk by where he was, but I keep looking back. Orange shirt trods over to a friend on a bench and sits down. I can’t shake the feeling, so we head over.

It turns out that Orange Shirt and his friend have just arrived on campus as new graduate students. We chat somewhat awkwardly for a few minutes, get their phone numbers, and go on our way. We promise to contact them soon.

And so it goes. I don’t know yet if this will lead to Jesus revolutionizing the lives of two powerful future leaders in His kingdom, but maybe. Maybe YOU could have a role to play by asking the Spirit to blow life into them…