I stepped off a bus onto a campus and looked around. I was looking for prospective friends. Where should I start? A bunch of volleyball games caught my attention, so I headed over there.

“Which game should I join, Lord? Which friends do you have planned for me to meet?”

As I stood before about 6 lively volleyball courts wondering which one I should join, a ball came whizzing my way. I braced my arms to bop it back to the players, and then I realized I had my answer.

About 10 girls ran my way and asked me to play. I was in! We had just exchanged names when very abruptly all the activity on the courts ceased, and everyone picked up to go. I was a little puzzled but then quickly caught on to what was happening. This was a gym class I had stumbled upon, and all the students needed to leave to make their next class on time. Many of them excitedly waited around long enough to leave their name and number with me. (I’ve never met so many people before who get excited about the fact that I’m American. It’s fun!)

I’ll call them later, and maybe we’ll meet for a game of volleyball.

God’s timing and direction is always right on!