As I sit here in my room, my cold fingers are typing on the keys. I’m wiping my nose from time to time, also looking away for a cough break. Yes, I’m sick. No, I don’t want sympathy. And yes, I want a cup of coffee!

But besides that, my only thought during this time is, “God’s not sick!” It’s a simple, somewhat comical, but an absolutely true statement. I am eternally grateful for His faithfulness! When I’m sick, down and out, He is well, strong and mighty!

He has been proving Himself over these past days! 3 days ago, I had one my friends come into the family! It was on a day where I was beginning to feel sick, I already had a busy morning, and believe me the last thing I wanted to do was go out and eat local food. But I did. And God did the amazing…

I was waiting for my friend at one of my favorite restaurants, looking at my watch, trying to read the menu and reaching for my jacket and gloves back on from the cold. But then I saw him, Kelvin. At that moment the Holy Spirit made it so clear that tonight was his night. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. Looking at Kelvin’s countenance, I could sense the deep work of God in his life.

As dinner past, our conversation moved into the gospel. I have shared it with Kelvin before, so he had an understanding. Later we found ourselves drinking bean milk and talking about choices and opportunities. I waited until there was silence, then looked Kel in the eyes and asked him, “Kelvin, tonight there is an opportunity for you.” Before I could finish he nodded his head, acknowledging he knew what I was asking. He then said, “I’m ready, I want to accept Jesus.”

And the rest is history! And also the start of a new life! It was such a pure and sincere moment. I thank God so much for the amazing opportunity to see him come to Christ! There is a verse in Ps.37 that says “feed on His faithfulness.” Recalling what the Lord has done is a way to grow our faith!

God has called us to live a live beyond the circumstances. Sometimes it’s hard to see around or through them, but we must grab on to Jesus by faith. Our lives must echo the sound of trusting in our Lord. By no means am I discouraged from being sick. But I delight in the Lord by recalling what He has done. There’s nothing like it!