There are many things in my life, that when I think about them I smile, and joy rises up in my heart. Some examples would be God, my family, Eli Manning, my college years, new born puppies, and of course a streaming hot cup o’ joe!

Since those are my top 6 of all time, one of them must go because I have found a new favorite happy thought. Let me explain…

Two days ago I woke up at 2AM, not to go to the bathroom, but to begin a voyage up one of the top four Buddhist mountains in this country. With me on this journey was of course my partner in crime Tom, and two local friends.

I have never climbed so many stairs in my life. The combination of being ridiculously tired, thin air, guitar on my back, cold rain slapping us the whole way, and a thick engulfing fog made it pretty easy to get upset at the world. But we made it…

I feel there were two reasons I made it to the top: 1- the Lord, and 2- let me explain… Awaiting us at the peak of the mountain was a giant buddha and countless buddhist temples. So what did we do?

We climped to the highest point on that mountain, and stood at the highest possible slab of concrete and proclaimed highest praises to the living God!!! That’s what we did! It was breathtaking! Forget the views, forget the amazing structures, but how great is our God! We claimed that mountain for the Lord, and applied the blood of Jesus to that place!

I will never forget that moment. I will never forget the sheer joy that arose inside of me. The presence of the Almighty God was there in a powerful and touching way.

It rained the whole time we were on the mountain, but then stopped as soon as we left. Myself, I thought it was a coincidence and it was just the weather that day. But my friend saw the real reason. He said it was the Holy Spirit raining down; softening hearts, breaking fallow ground, and watering seeds that have been planted.

What a revelation! One of my favorite parts about walking with the King is that there are so many things that happen beyond what we see with our human eyes.

If we could only see the reason behind the trial. The human heart beyond the outside appearance. In all cases we would see God’s hand extending His kingdom in a significant way! To have a revolution outide, there first must be a revolution inside!

Until then, don’t stop praisin’ Him!