Almost exactly a year ago is when I first started to really hear from God about coming over here. I spoke with my leaders, friends, parents, and of course spent face time with the King.

During my times before the Lord, I asked Him for things. I asked Him to prepare the soil and hearts of the people here. I asked Him to accomplish His work in my life, leading up to the trip. And lastly I asked Him for worship leaders!

For three years I had the privilege of sitting under Bro. Grout from EBI. That alone will change a man’s life. He is man who reeks of humility!! ‘Reeks’ being used in the best way possible! Sitting in his classes, reading his textbooks, and watching him put to practice the things which he taught us was truly a privilege.

Bro. Grout was someone who God used to shape me into the worship leader I am today. But now I get the chance to share the talents, and not hide them…

Starting in a few days I will be teaching a class on worship leading! There will be probably 5-8 people coming in attendance. And possibly more to come later in the year. YYYYEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYYY!!!!

I am so amped right now! I could throw my laptop against the wall! But I won’t. Last year, I asked God for people I could train, and now sitting here a year later, God provided! Tomorrow I will be living in the fulfillment of God’s promise. It’s going to be an amazing day!

So as your reading this, maybe you are planning to come over here with CT. Do one thing. Spend some face time with Dad, sit on His lap and ask Him for specific things.

My favorite man alive, Mr. Vallencoup (that’s not spelled right, sorry) says, “General questions, get general answers. But specific questions, get specific answers.”

So let’s get specific with our prayer life! We serve a huge God, and He has huge plans for us!!!