8 hours. Soccer, dinner, and karaoke.

That was a crazy day.

It started with Tom and I meeting some friends at the soccer fields at 3:30. We ended up playing soccer for a good two and half hours. And by the end we were all lying on the ground; sweaty, achy, and most of all hungry.

We went directly to a bangin’ resturant and ate a lot. And I mean a lot of food.

After munchin’, our friends wanted to take us out for a night of karaoke. We sang our hearts out! Singing solos, duets, and at the end a big group song. Overall it was 8 hours of pure relationship building!

This specific group of friends is very special to me personally. The reason is because I can relate to them.

Unlike other friends I have here, these friends like to go out and party, and do things that I once loved to do in the BC days!

I have heard it said that to a great sinner, grace tastes sweeter. And how true that statement is!

Throughout the night it slowly dawned on me just how strategic these friends really are. I can tell that they are probably part of the popular crowd on the campus. And they all have a lot of friends.

I am so excited about the plan that God has for this specific group of friends!

Looking at the outside, you would say these boys are a long way from serving the Lord, but I know God is stirring up something on the inside of them! And through our continued contact with them, their hearts will be softened to the gospel!

The adventure has just begun! Until next time!