One of my favorite experiences of last year was getting to teach a worship leading/guitar class. It was so much fun! There were maybe 6-10 students who would come every week. Some were more faithful in coming than others. But the ones who were in the class really got it. Every week the class was a blast and a success!

Already this year there have been a lot of people asking me when I will teach a guitar class again. My attitude was, ‘as of right now I do not see it happening, but maybe after the new year’. It was definetly a thing I kept before God. Asking should I do the class? Or shouldn’t I?

But about two weeks ago my friend, Shawn, told me that there was a ‘group’ up in the North of our city that wanted some guitar/worship leading classes. (It’s the same group that Dove is apart of.) And the best part about it, was he was asking me to be HIS assistant! There is nothing that could be more exciting than that!

I mean the whole supreme vision of things here is to have a well oiled machine that will run by ‘national’ foremen. (Thats a darn good analogy) Anyway, it was amazing to see that it was actually happening! I have never in my life been more excited to take a back seat in something!

The first class was last night. And Shawn did a great job! I was helping out a little bit here and there. But he was speaking from the word and teaching guitar like a champ! I had a smile on my face the whole time! I am ready to see where the class is going to go and see new leaders rising up!