As much time that’s spent on building relationship, eating crazy food, having early morning and sometimes longer nights; my heart beats that all my friends would experience and know the Lord on an intimate level.

Our friends recieve a lot of foundation level teaching. Which is great! And it’s done by the national leadership here! But lately I’ve been asking myself…’but what about hearing God’s voice for their life? What about developing the gifts of the Spirit? What about laying hands on the sick? What about helping the poor? Standing and prophecying the word of the Lord? What about treasuring the presence of God?’

I know the thing that changed my life was when I started hearing the voice of God. When His words starting jumping off the page at me. When I couldn’t even eat because I wanted more of Him desperately. When I would sit in our lounge at school for hours and just listen to Him. That’s when Carl changed. That’s when my heart got consumed with Him. And those moments eventually led me to where I am today.

That’s what I want my friends to experience! Heck…that’s what I want the world to experience! Not getting smarter by read the Book! Not to sing a nice song! Not just to say the prayer and to attend a meeting on the weekend. But become a people of His presence. Who know who they are and know who He is.