You would think it would not be that difficult to remember my friends, but it gets a little tricky sometimes. For instance; in my cell phonebook I have 3 David’s, 2 Kevin’s, 4 Shawns, and 3 Tony’s. So you can see, at times it can get a little confusing.

But there was so confusion this past week, when I spent an evening with two of my favorite Tony’s in the world! How I met the Tony’s is an amazing story. They are actually friends from last year. Two team members last year first met Tony #1; who at the time was not in the family, but only after 1 week he decided to join!

And soon after he told us about another friend of his named Tony as well. And Tony #2 was already a Christian! It was amazing! After about 1 month both of these guys were plugged into the weekly party and making friends with other brothers and sisters.

Since I returned to this country I had not seen Tony #1. In fact I heard that he was not doing so hot, so I knew it was important to connect with him. About a week ago I saw Tony #2 at a ‘party’. And we decided to call Tony1 and have dinner together.

The dinner was time of catching up and laughing a lot. Which was good! We talked about everything; from God, politics to family. It was a lot of fun. After dinner we decided to take a walk around the area. As we walked around we continued talking about what God is up to in our lives.

As we were walking God continued to give me the words to share with Tony #1. One thing we are called to do is give life to others. And I’ve never felt the life flowing out of me quite like that night! It was so refreshing! The night concluded with us standing on the corner of a street praying for each other. Talk about powerful! I am so grateful to God for the plans that He has for us in every circumstance!