With the last few months in front of us, there is an intense feeling of ‘Lets all hurry up and get our friend saved’! Which is a great thing to have, but at the same time we want a genuine understanding of salvation, not just more decisions for numbers sake.

Check out the big picture…

Take just a year ago, all our friends were probably in school or working, with this simple formula in their mind; study + money = happy family. There is really no other option for a student here other than that, unless you’re my friend. Then its God + study + really cool forign guy = holy crap my life is being changed!

We are part of totally changing and a re-routing of the paths of these students lives! As they learn more about God, as they continue to touch the hem of Jesus, only amazing things happen to them. To true reality of Jesus is being made known to them.

Each of our friends are very special and are people of influence. God is raising leaders in the fellowship here that sold out for God. And as we continue to plug our friends into those fellowships, they have local people to take them under their wing. It’s a very sweet thing!

Our work that we have done here will truly ‘echo in eternity’. The connections we have made and the work that God has done through us, will continue to go throughout the years while we are not even in this country!

All that to say, we, as physical humans are almost done with our time here, but the work that God has done and is doing will continue to blaze forward!

We expect nothing but the will of God for these last few months!