We sat and chatted with our new friend Debbie, with whom we had just shared God’s story. I was touched as this woman, who we had met a mere thirty minutes ago, started opening up her heart to us; tearing up as she described the difficulties in her life over the past several months, as well as her gratitude that God had brought us together that night.

Finally, my teammate, Iris, asked Debbie if she wanted to start a relationship with God. She seemed to be dodging the question at first, but finally replied – “Actually, I want to. I didn’t want to look silly in front of all these strangers, but I don’t care. Let’s do it.”

It’s always a mind-blowing, beautiful thing to me to watch someone open up their heart to God. But do you want to know what I feel the most amazing part of this story is?

It’s the fact that this didn’t happen in Asia. No, this happened two weeks ago – in the upstairs of a Barnes and Noble in Western New York. My friends and I had no intention of sharing God’s story that night; but as the evening unfolded, it became increasingly clear that He had an open door for us!

I was also blessed to meet Debbie because it answered (at least in part) several prayers I have been talking to God about since returning to the US:

1. That he would still use me in this sort of work, even though I’ve decided to work in the U.S. instead of Asia for the time being.

2. That he would give me more boldness to share in the US

3. That he would give me courage to share with people older than me. (It’s a challenge. I’ve always been afraid that I’ll come off as rude and smart-alecky.)
It’s amazing to see the ways God has stretched (and continues to stretch) me through my time in Asia. It’s amazing to see the extraordinary things He does with ordinary people, ordinary things and ordinary nights. It fills me with excitement to see what He’ll do in the hearts of our new short-termers this year, too, who have officially landed in Asia.

If you think of it, please pray for:

· Our new workers as they get settled and get into a routine. They seem to be enjoying themselves so far and getting along well together. They are excited to start sharing God’s story this week!

· For our friend Debbie. She will hopefully be attending a “party” with me this coming Sunday!

· For myself (and others in the internship) as we complete our final support raising trip this month. Pray that God would provide all we need.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support!