I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for praying for our Summer Retreat with our Asian friends that happened in July-it was a great success! Here are some highlights:

All of our people got the opportunity to hear from an Asian house church pastor working in the country’s capitol city. They were encouraged, uplifted, and challenged by his teachings.

Key Asian leaders from all the cities met for a day to pray together and strategize how to move the work forward in their individual cities and together as a bigger group as well.

We had a special fun event one of the evenings in which people filmed themselves doing amusing activities for prizes, but God showed up in some awesome ways that night as well as people taking the opportunity to pray for strangers and to share the story of God with them.

At the end of the Retreat itself, five people stayed to participate in a two week Bible School. Using video teachings dubbed into their language and some teachings we implemented, our friends left with a much more solid foundation in God, His word, and His calling on their lives.

Both of these events, the Retreat and the Bible School, were really exciting. We believe they are going to help take our people to the next level in what God has for them in Asia!

In other news, almost everyone on our long term team moved this past month down to the southern part of the city. In recent years, almost every major school in our city has built a satellite campus of their main school down in the south where it is not as populated and thus there is more room to expand. Because of this, we felt like God was calling us to go down where these campuses are and begin sowing into these places, and so almost all of us uprooted our homes and replanted ourselves down there. Please continue to lift us up as we make the transition and finish up last minute unpacking and housing details.

Also, in just a few days, our next group of short term workers will be arriving here in the X! There are 12 of them who are ready to lay down the next nine months of their lives to serve God here in Asia and we are excited to see what fruit will come of this!

Thank you all so much! You are such an important part of what I do!