I’m going to go back in time and pick up where I left off a couple of weeks ago. You may remember the timeline. In early July I returned from Asia. I went on vacation. At the beginning of August, I started full-time work in the office.

One of my first jobs was team leader at our August Training, the two-week training that we give new members before we send them off to Asia. Each city team of 2-6 people had a designated leader that would serve them through training and then escort them to Asia. The problem was that the team going to my former home didn’t have anyone here to lead them because their leaders were already there. So I filled in, hence the “pseudo leader” in this email’s subject line.

My team had four girls and two boys. I got to help one teammate work through insomnia problems, facilitate team bonding, counsel teammates through conflict, and hug them goodbye before they left. Several days ago, I met with two of the girls on Skype–it was great to see them and realize the impact I was able to have during those well-spent two weeks. Sometimes I love my job.