Sorry it has been a little while since I have written, but SO much has happened it can’t possible be contained in one detailed email!!  The solution?  Just pretend you are watching CNN and they only have 60 seconds to cover the day’s top stories…keep that in your mind as I review what has been going on during the past few weeks here in the X!

1) We started our first Asian family party of the year in the X!!! I have the privilege of leading it along with some of the other ladies in my city.  So far we have a couple of girls who have been coming regularly and we are praying for more and more!  They are hungry to learn and it is so exciting to watch them grow in God!

2) We had two baptisms in one week, a few weeks ago!  The first was at our Asian family party in which a girl who had already joined before we met her decided she was ready to take the step to be dunked! Hurray!!  We transformed our living room to accommodate an inflatable pool and praise God it didn’t burst! The second was actually one of our new workers who gave his life to God a few years ago and we all had the honor of being there when he decided to get baptised!  

3) In more recent news, 3 new sisters joined the family last weekend!!!  After a couple of weeks of not seeing anyone join the family, we as a city, and especially us long term workers, made a bigger push in time spent praying for the campuses and that new people would come to know Him.  God is so faithful, and as we stepped out in obedience we saw 3 young women come into the family in less than 48 hours!!

God is definitely ON THE MOVE here in the X!!!  As we continue to press into the things of Him, as we continue to step out in boldness and in faith, as we continue to walk where the HS is leading, lives are being changed, and we are all being made more like Him!