Here in Asia I often ask myself a question, and in hearing this question you may be shocked. You may not understand how I could be here, experiencing this new world, growing deeper and deeper in God, and still find the need to ask such a question. That at the end of the day when I close my eyes I am left with just this one thought, “What is the point?.” What is the point of going out on campuses everyday, what is the point of sharing again and again and again, and what is the point of loving people despite what the world tells me? I have asked these questions, I have asked God with persistence, and He has answered me.

He led me to Luke chapter eight, and this is what He said, “She brought her jar, her alabaster jar, and it was her everything. It was her life. And as she sat there weeping at my feet, as she knelt, wiping my feet with her hair, she did something beautiful before me. And there is nothing, nothing more beautiful than this. That she broke her jar before me, and poured out her oil unto me. Though she was mocked, and ridiculed, and told that her broken surrender was a waste; that she could have spent her life, her love, on greater things, good things…she knew better. She knew me. She really knew me, and that was her treasure. Not her jar, not her pride, not even her life, but me. People will tell you that you are wasting yourself, that your life could be better spent, that your potential has been ruined, but you must know better. For I have called you out of your generation to know where your value lies, to break your alabaster jar, your very life, and pour out your love at my feet. To do something beautiful before me, that you might know me, and that you might love me. For I have so loved, so known, and so poured out my love before you. Yes, I too, have cleaned your feet.”

What’s the point of it all? He is. He’s the treasure, and He’s worth far more than my life, or an alabaster jar. As I thought of what to include in this next update, God reminded me of the freedom I felt in hearing these words. So I encourage you to take them to heart and let them change you. Fill up your alabaster jar with your hopes, your dreams, your life, and don’t be afraid to break it at His feet. There is no better way to spend yourself. I have no idea what this looks like in your life, still I want you to know that I am praying for you, and am also walking through this process of surrender in my own life. Thank you so much for sowing into what God is doing here in Asia, and believe me, He’s on the move!:) Ta ta for now!!!