As I came out into the spotlight, everyone at the BASIC conference
went nuts. There I stood; tall, handsome, a big head and a tail to fit
the part. I volunteered to help out with the conference in whatever
capacity the BASIC staff needed. And the opening night, they needed a
mascot. So…check it out

Yes that is me, Jay-Z. In the big fish costume. Dancing to thriller and
shaking my fins. (I know somehow this is going to come back and haunt
me). But we had lots of fun and conference itself was a total success!

We were believing for 10-15 good prospects and that’s exactly what we
got! All together we had 40 people fill out cards and say that they
were interested in Campus Target. And out of that group there are
definitely those 10-15! Thank you so much for your prayers! It was an
awesome time to connect with students and other ministries.

The main speaker at the event was Jude Fouquier, out of Seattle, WA.
The last night of the conference I shared about Campus Target and Jude
loved it so much he talked about going to Asia throughout the sermon that
night! It was unreal! And then afterwards he came to our booth and was
helping us out with recruiting. Fantastic! We really believe that we
are just scratching the surface in recruiting. Will you continue to
stand with us?

Prayer Points:

1) This upcoming weekend is a youth/young adult conference called
‘Saturate’. We will be there for part of the conference, but please
pray for some divine appointments during that time. Its from this
Thursday – Saturday.

2) We are going to be doing follow up from the BASIC conference last
weekend. Please pray that the students who has a seed planted in their
hearts will continue to be open and willing to follow what the Lord is

3) Over this past week we had 7 students come to know the Lord in
Asia! Awesome! Keep our teams over there in your prayers and stay
connected through our website-

Thanks you so much for your prayers and support. They mean everything to us!

Reaching Together,

Jay-Z and Beyonce