The Mission: Go to Boston, join forces with a church plant, share Jesus with strangers in a university area of the city

What we did: drove to Boston, did training with Journey Church, prayed and worshiped, prayer walk, handed out granola bars and got in conversations, cold-contact sharing, homeless ministry, and spiritual surveys (we did not do a treasure hunt as I expected we would).

A story or two: One of my teammates and our contact person at the church met a young Muslim man who was from Japanese descent and grew up in Bosnia. One parent Catholic and one Muslim. After their conversation and receiving prayer, he said that he had been having a bad day but was feeling so much better. He didn’t receive Jesus, but he met him.

Two of our girls met a homeless man my age who hit the streets when he was 19, the year his parent (mother, I think) died. He said he is a Christian but struggles with his faith. He wants to help people, and he doesn’t expect to get old. As she shared about the encounter, my teammate said that her own father lost his parent at 19. That could have been her father.

Thanks for being with us in prayer. I was nervous before the trip, and courage had to build in my heart over time, but it turned out to be great. He’s faithful!