Did you know that God moves through cravings? It’s true. Ever since I got here to Asia, I have been craving fried chicken like there’s no tomorrow, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar that, that fact was nothing foreign to Dad. Stomach gurgling as we walked down the familiar street full of stores and shops we’ve seen before, something catches our attention (especially that of my self). We had nearly walked on by when out of nowhere came a voice of beautifully broken English speaking the words, “Free samples, fried chicken, come have some very good chicken.” I am uncertain but I believe my jaw dropped as we immediately turned around and walked towards what I swear could have been the promise land.

As I ordered my chicken, I noticed something that I was too distracted to catch before, it was the young Asian girl who spoke beautiful English, how could I not notice? There she stood in the shop, making my chicken, two friends beside her anxiously waiting for her to clock out, and I nearly let this moment slip through my fingers, for chicken? Then God spoke to me, “Take a risk Ruby!” and though all I had wanted to start with was some mouth water chicken, I could see that God wanted so much more. So a risk I took.

We began to converse and I quickly learned that we had hit the jack pot, not only did I get fried chicken, but God had led us right to these girls who spoke lovely English and went to the very university we were targeting! We immediately scheduled a meeting and from the very beginning I knew that God was up to something, but it was something I could have never prepared for. During our meeting a few nights later, we shared God’s story with them and as we did I began to feel doubt, and disbelief as I looked on their faces. “What were we doing wrong? Why don’t they get it?” I thought. It was now that I learned something of high importance.

See, we had told them about the blood of the lamb, we had relentlessly spoke of the love of the father, but we were missing the word of our testimony. It was not long after this thought had dawned on me, Viola nearly immediately took the first step of vulnerability, then Ryder and I joined in. The moments that followed seemed to go by too quick to retrace, but one thing is for sure, that we gained two sisters that night not by hap-instance or chance, but by what God was planning from the very beginning.