You gotta here Kevin’s story!

When Ben (an American friend) was here, he met Kevin. Ben was going back to America soon, so he passed the contact on to me and my roommate, Jaws.

Several weeks later, we gave Kevin a call and met up with him for lunch. Our first impression (at least mine) was that he was a great guy who was really passionate about helping people and improving himself, clearly against just living for money and success. He didn’t seem particularly interested in the Bible, though, when it was mentioned.

We may have seen him once after that before…

We invited him to our first Saturday Bible study in our home. He came. Afterwards, during the hang out time, he was really interested and kept looking at the Book while the rest of us were chatting and playing cards. Hmmmm….didn’t know such interest was there.

The next week we invited him again. He couldn’t make it. So we invited him to a larger Bible study that our whole team was doing the next day in conjunction with a local “party”. He came, a full hour late. Man, he missed the song, the Peter walking on water story, all the games. The only things left were the Daniel story and the Good Story. (The theme was trust that day.)

When he arrived, we did the song again. Then I did the Daniel story. Then Lily, one of my teammates, shared the Message with a power punch. She asked two questions: Can Father be trusted? Why do we need to trust Him?

When we split up into groups, Jaws and a church brother and Kevin made up one of the groups. Jaws asked Kevin whether he can trust Father. “In some places, yes.” Jaws: “Where can you not trust Him?” Kevin: “I trust myself to study for a test. After I take the test I can trust the Father with the results.” Jaws: “Where did all this ability, strength, and intelligence come from?” Kevin: “Uhh….(nervous chuckle)….I don’t know (light going on).” It went from there to Kevin bowing his head with Jaws and the party brother to leap into the Kingdom. (That’s a summary of the conversation, not a word-for-word)

So that’s the story. Yeah!!