When I graduated college, I figured my field trip days were over. However, this week I learned that no matter how old you are, you are never too old to go on a school sponsored adventure.

This past Friday, some friends and I had the wonderful opportunity to go and visit some of the area outside of K-town as part of a field trip that was put on by the university. The weather was gorgeous-the first sunny day we had in weeks. We spent the morning walking around a beautiful lake and eating lunch at a camp site. We had some meat that was semi-unidentifiable; our cooks claimed it was goat but I think it tasted (and looked) more like dog. But one can never be sure of these things 🙂

During the afternoon, we all traveled to a local ethnic village that is over 400 years old. The ethnic people are one of the many ethnic minorities that live in that province and the time I spent there was certainly the highlight of my day. We were treated to dancing, games, an entertaining meal, singing and an evening bonfire. It was such a great experience to be outside of the city and enjoying an aspect of Asia that few people ever get to see. It was a day that I will not soon forget.

Continue to pray the Lord would provide me with opportunities to have meaningful conversations with my friends and to deepen the relationships I already have with those who are hungry to learn.