The other day in the morning, it rained. A lot. No thunder, no lightning, no wind. Just downpour. With the rain came relief and some time to watch and ponder my last few weeks.

It has been hot and sticky here. So the rain brought with it relief from humidity that can be felt AND seen, humidity that makes you sweat not because you’re doing something active, but because you exist. Along with a break in the weather, the rain signaled another
kind of relief for me, because that very day I was expecting to sign on our last apartment.

I had spent two weeks roaming the streets looking for apartments, and I was exhausted. My team was the last to get them. In the meantime we had lived in a hotel and then with others who had already found apartments, and everybody was more than ready to have
a home. This whole business took longer than we had hoped, but as I write this everyone has a home and is getting settled in.

In the middle of the hunt for apartments, we as a team have been talking to Father on different campuses and making friends. The campuses in our nook of the city are all mostly undergrad students, and all the freshman have had military training, so it’s been a
slow start.

Please join with me as we look to Father to bring us the future leaders that are hungry for His Kingdom!