Mondays have suddenly become my favorite day of the week. On Monday, I get together with all of my friends from back home for a family party. We share stories from the last week, worship and pray together, eat some western food, and rest.

The message this week from Daniel 2: 31-45 was so uplifting and encouraging, that I found myself quietly crying with joy (which, let’s be honest, is not something I’m quite accustomed to doing). I was just overwhelmed with the fact that the King is coming; He’s coming and it’s just a short matter of time before He finally arrives. And I am a messenger of the King, spreading good news about who He is, and making pockets for His Kingdom to come. This last Monday was first time I felt a true sense of joy at my new identity. Sitting in on a little wooden stool in a room with 20 of my friends, I had a moment when I realized…I’m in love. And I’m loved in return. And there is nothing else I would rather be doing right now, than this.


In other news, God is really stretching me to let go of feeling and being comfortable. I have, as one friend put it, some kind of “intestinal adventure” every day. I’ve also experienced that the mosquitoes here are a tad more aggressive than at home: I have 15 bites on my right leg alone. And last night, I witnessed the most intense thunderstorm of my life. You know how we usually see the lightning and do the “one-thousand-one” count until the thunder? Yeah, well there was no time for counting. The lightning and thunder happened at the same time for hours last night. It was pretty awesome.