I was standing in the airport and needed to dance a little jig. My teammates were surrounding me, bogged down with luggage, and strange yet familiar sights and sounds were filling my eyes and ears. I was back! In my mind I had danced this jig a hundred times in anticipation this summer, and it needed to be done in flesh now. So I did; I put up my arms up and swung like a fool. It was the best birthday present ever!

I left one home in America to arrive at another place called home– Asia. I was jetlagging for a few days, but as time has passed I’ve begun to feel like I’ve never left. It’s kind of like what going in and out of Narnia was like for Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. As our team has gotten to know the city, walked around praying for the campus, and met a few students who will become friends this year, faith has built up in my heart for this year (as well as blisters on my feet and sweat all over my body!).

In a few days my team is going to escort two local believers to another city. On the way to their new home, we’ll speak into their lives, and when we’re there, we’ll scout out the area for future possibilities. I’m excited, and it will be good to come home after the trip to our new apartments and regular schedules.