My aunt Mary tells a story about when I was a toddler. She and I were both sleeping in the basement, and I woke up crying, “Mommy!” Aunt Mary tried to console me. She said, “I’m right here, Knight. What do you want?”

I responded, “I said, ‘Mommy,’ I said!”

That little boy knew how to express his boundaries! Boundaries is a key word in my life these days. Approximately ten months ago, I read the book Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend. It lit a passion in me to understand healthy boundaries in relationships and to help hurting people learn them. It gave me vocabulary and definition for things that God had been teaching me for years.

Right now I’m facilitating a ten-week Boundaries Group with a bunch of our long-term workers that meets weekly. Many of them are preparing to study language full-time in Asia, so I’m teaching language to those folks twice a week as well.

Please pray that God will heal our people who have boundaries injuries. Thank you!