We have been friends with Frank for weeks now. He calls me all the time, tells me what he wants very bluntly, and does not relent with his persistence. Frank is one of those people that just can’t seem to get enough of you. Despite his persistence that can sometimes be a little overbearing, God has given me and Professor a heart and love for this guy.

The day before Professor and I were going to hang out with Frank we had an all day praying and fasting time. During that time God gave a word to share with Frank the next day. It was a word about his life as a kid. We had already shared the good story with him and it he was not very interested in it other than the crazy things we had seen God do. We met with Frank, hung out, and towards the end I finally got the courage to share the word with him. When I share he immediately is like “wow! how did you know that about me??! That’s magic!” I explained that it was simply my friendship with God and him talking to me. I shared with Frank and challenged him to let God into his heart, and I could see on his face the Holy Spirit was doing some work. He was almost crying but he kept his composure, and although he did not want to follow God that night I could see the life and truth the words brought that God wanted me to share with him.

It was also really cool to see how accurately I had heard God’s voice in those moments. In the same way every time we meet with friends here our words and what we say have such power. We bring the story of everlasting life, a story that brings people into a meaningful relationship with God, and a story that could, if they choose, save them from death. Please keep praying  for my team and I that God would continue to use us, keep us healthy, and that He would complete the work He has started in us.