Because of traveling recently, i had to put our fellowship on the
island on hold for a few weeks. This past weekend when we came
together again, a lot of people couldn’t make it. The exciting news
was that two good singers who had never come before graced us with
their melodies.

One was Shirley. My friend Durk, who is a believer who doesn’t yet
call himself a believer (that’s my current analysis) brought her to
our big Christmas party. Shirley is a family member who has been
looking for a family, so i was really excited to meet her. She
showed up to the fellowship with a book of songs, and before the end had
led us in most of our song time. You don’t know how much of a
blessing that is to us! Please ask God to plant her among us, if
it’s His will.

The second person to grace us with her presence was my new
girlfriend, Rosie! (That’s not her real name.) She’s been nearby
for a long time (she’s my city leader) but this was the first time
she was able to make it to our island fellowship. I was happy to
introduce her to everyone there and for her to see what’s been

Well, by now you’re probably more interested in girl details than
fellowship details! I asked Rosie out last week, after wondering about it
for a while, and it turned out she’s liked me for a while. So we’re
going to give it a go with the goal of growing in our relationship
and determining whether we are supposed to be life-long partners.
Please lift us up and ask that we would hear from God clearly.

Thanks for being with me! Love,