Lift up your eyes to the cross, and you become healed. God has been
reminding me of that a lot recently. If I focus on problems, my
gaze is on the ground and I get stuck there. If I lift up my eyes
to the cross, He heals me as a gift of grace.

Recently I’ve been talking to God in the mornings for more time than
I ever have before. But I’ve maybe been more distracted than I ever
had before. Inner turmoil, relationship difficulties, looming big
decisions…all of it takes over my mind. Lift up your eyes, young
man. To the Son born so long ago.

This Christmas season was a time here in Asia to talk about the
gift of the Son to us, the broken people (that’s all of us!). We
had parties, conversations over dumplings, and sang songs of His
birth. At my team’s largest party, about 7-8 people expressed
interest in learning more about Jesus. Yay! Praise Him!

Also, my parents came here and spent Christmas with me and are
friends in this city! Then we went traveling to two different
cities here. They did awesome. Squatty potties, chopsticks, Asian
food, and all of it–they were troopers.

So, i just got back to my city this week and am getting back into
the swing of things. The fall semester is finishing up, and then
the students will have a break. During the festival season, we’ll
travel to Thailand, travel to local friends homes, and then have
what we call Winter Session, which will be a week of receiving
teaching from visiting speakers and seeking God’s face. I’ll keep ya
posted!! Thanks for being with me and lifting me up.


** Ask that we can have vision, strength, and anointing to connect
with close friends before everyone splits up for the break. We want
to show them we care about them AND our best friend, Jesus!

** Comfort for my family. My mother’s mother passed away about a
week ago and the funeral will be happening shortly.

** Direction for the future, for me and all of us over here.

** For joy in Jesus. So important!