We gathered to pray. All of us. Teams from five different cities, one in America and four in Asia, huddled up, and then we met on Skype so we could hear a few opening remarks and then see each other pray. For the next hour, we interceded for the same things at the same time.

We took this step because a couple of weeks ago our teams were facing spiritual opposition. One team of six people experienced two car accidents in three days. Other teams were facing sickness and lack of breakthrough in ministry. So our leaders called for an organization-wide prayer meeting.

Since the prayer meeting, at least two of those cities have seen breakthrough. The city that had the car accidents, which is where we’re seeing the most fruitful ministry right now, held a church meeting several days after the prayer meeting. More than 20 people attended, whereas only 2 had attended the week before. During the meeting, four people decided to follow Jesus and one young man with Christian background decided to believe for himself. In another city two men believed, something that hadn’t happened there in a month, and they saw their first 2nd generation believer (that means the person believed after hearing about Jesus from people who were local, not our people).

Praise God! He actually listens, doesn’t He?

Thanks for standing with us! Keep praying for students in Asia!