There is something that changes when you begin to pray. Things will not stay the same. I promise.

He promises. (Matt. 7:7)

In one of our cities in Asia, over 29 students have become believers since late August. Incredible! A few weeks ago, within a few days of each other, drunk drivers hit some of our team members while they were in taxis. One was right after a baptism, and the other was after a friend joined the family. This has never happened to any of our team members before.

It was obvious that we had hit a nerve with our enemy.

For the first time in Campus Target history, we had an all CT prayer meeting. Using Skype, we crossed over oceans as we, stateside, prayed with those who are in Asia for protection, provision, but most importantly, we prayed for more salvations and laborers to be willing to go to Asia.

Within two days of that prayer meeting, one of the churches in Asia went from 4 people to 24 people and they saw 4 more people come into the family that night. Within a week of that prayer meeting, we have seen over 30 people show interest about spending a year in Asia. Talk about heaven changing earth!

We recognize that we do not fight against flesh and blood but that we are called to stand firm.

Will you continue to stand with me in prayer?

  • Pray for our teams in Asia
  • Pray for more salvations
  • Pray for more laborers

What situations in your life do you want to see God move? I would encourage you to stand firm friend. STAND FIRM.