I sat in my chair in anxious anticipation waiting for my Friend, who we have called John in the past, to answer the question we asked him. I was thinking about the movie we had just watched a movie about Jesus and our conversation about what he did for us wondering what his answer was going to be. Then John said “yes” I want to know God and Acorn led him in prayer. It was awesome just to see him come to know God and I knew that God had led him to us on purpose. 

John was one of those people who I didn’t really set out to meet but rather God put in my path. I first met John after my first prayer walk on his campus. He was freshmen on a tour of campus and he spotted my and my roommates sitting on a bench nearby and he had to come meet us. He gave Acorn his number but we didn’t fallow up right way but we ran in to him again randomly a few weeks later. After that we got the message that this was someone God wanted us to meet with. He joined our Bible study when we started it and now he is a Christian!

Christmas time was great here; John becoming a Christian was just one of the awesome things that happened. We have had 4 girls become Christians these past few weeks and just today John’s roommate also became a Christian! I have also been able to plant lots of good seeds in many of my other friends and I think more fruit will come in the next semester.

These next 2 weeks or so mark the end of the semester here so all of my friends are taking tests and are very busy. Then after their tests they will all go back to their hometowns spread out across the country. We want to finish off the semester with our friends excited about studying next semester and with our new family members strong in their Faith. Please talk to God about these things and ask him to guide the baptisms we will be doing in a few days for the new believers