This year marks my 4th Christmas in Asia!!! While it’s hard to be away from family during the holidays and while I miss the snowy winter wonderland back home (I’ve seen pictures, I am jealous), there is nowhere else I’d rather be right now!  During the holidays in Asia, there is a special anointing and favor as we share the Gospel.  In this season, we are focusing our prayer on a Christmas Harvest here in our different cities.  And, when we pray, the Lord responds!

A week and a half ago, we hosted a Christmas party for the English club on our campus.  This party was – by far – the most beautiful party I’ve ever been a part of since coming to Asia.  After spending some time hanging out, eating cookies, playing Mafia and Crazy 8s, we split our 20ish friends into 4 teams to compete in a Christmas competition of holiday word searches, festive fill in the blanks, and pin the hat on the snowman. Following the festive funtivities, we planned to have our Asian friends spontaneously act of the story of the Nativity.  We gathered everyone together, assigned roles to our Asian friends and watched as they simultaneously acted out and learned about the birth of Jesus. The Nativity play was a great transition into the Gospel.  As we went back into our individual teams, my Asian sister and I shared the Good News with my group.  From creation to the cross, we explained the beauty of what God chose to do for us.  I was so excited to work along side my dear friend PanRui as we were able to lead a new friend, Lewis, into the family!!! I was so proud of her for her faithfulness in sharing the Good News!  And I was so excited for Lewis as he stepped out in faith to believe!  After reconnecting with the rest of the group, we were amazed to hear that SIX friends had chosen to give their lives to Christ! Three new sisters, three new brothers and one hundred and thirty seven sugar cookies later, the Christmas party was a success.

This weekend will be a huge weekend for all of us in Asia as we continue to host parties and celebrate the birth of Christ.  Here in my city, we’ll be having two special events!  On Saturday, we’ll be joining a couple hundred Asian believers for a special time of fellowship.  We’re inviting all our brothers and sisters to join us.  For almost all of them, this will be the first time they are in an environment like this.  Many of them are new to our family and have only met a couple Christians.  This will definitely be a faith-building weekend!! And, on Sunday, we will be hosting another Christmas party for our non-Christian friends.   Our Asian brothers and sisters will again join us and help us present the Gospel.  Please join with us in prayer!  I’m expecting miracles!  Can you believe along with me?

Merry Christmas!  In the busyness of life, please remember to stop and remember the reason we celebrate.  Enjoy time with your family and loved ones!  Drink some extra egg nog and heck the halls.  Share the Good News with your relatives…your coworkers…the random guy you meet at the grocery store.  I believe God can use you to bring His truth to others this Christmas season.

I love each and every one of you!  Thanks for partnering alongside me and believing in what the Lord is doing in Asia.  Your faith gives me faith!  Let’s move the mountains!