“It feels like you never left!” my friend Lindsay remarked as we linked arms underneath her umbrella. As we dodged puddles on our way to lunch, I thought back to just three months earlier when she had been hugging me good-bye for the summer. With tears streaming down both our faces, I had to repeatedly promise her that I really would return to this country. The summer had flown by for both of us, and we were finally together again!

I had first met Lindsay at a Girls' Night at my apartment back in January, and that same night she prayed to become a Christian. Her friend Lianna (my first friend last year to accept Jesus) had helped lead Lindsay in prayer to receive Jesus!

Over the next few months, Lindsay and I became fast friends. We have a lot in common –we both dislike shopping, we like the movie Pride & Prejudice, we even have a similar sense of humor! She quickly became my favorite friend. (Shh, don't tell the others!)

In the month before I left here, she was my first friend to get baptized. She has been my most eager disciple, so excited to know God and share Him with others! She helped lead two more girls in prayer to become Christians, and has been attending the local house church all summer.

Ever since she became a Christian, we have been praying for her boyfriend Song. As we ate our noodles, Lindsay was excited to tell me that now he is starting to believe in God too, and wants to become a Christian! Song just “happens” to attend one of the universities another team is targeting this year, so some of the guys will connect with him soon!

Lindsay has been extremely busy studying for her master's exam, and feels guilty about not spending much time reading her Bible. I told her about my new technique of keeping my Bible beside my pillow, setting my alarm early, and reading before I roll out of bed in the morning. Lindsay loved the idea, so she is going to try that too!

I know that as she seeks God first, He will take care of everything else in her life – her boyfriend's salvation, her grades…everything. I'm so blessed to see her growing so much, and keeping her priorities right. I know God is faithful to complete the work He began in her life!