It is already 2015, my 23rd birthday was yesterday, and tomorrow it will be 4 months since I came to Asia! Time flies! I am sooo thankful to God for basically EVERYTHING! For his faithfulness, for bringing me here, for taking care of me, for you guys, for my family, for what I have been able to see here, for Momo my partner, for our new sisters, oh my gosh, just everything! I can just start this year thanking God for this and for what is still to come.

Anyway, I want to tell you a little bit about how the holidays in Asia looked like for me. On Christmas eve, we had a small dinner with all our sisters because that’s the Mexican tradition. We cooked a simple dish for them and gave them small presents. On Christmas morning, all our team gathered to have brunch together. I ate sooo much bacon! We exchanged gifts, played white elephant, and watched movies together. For New Years, we had a NYE party with neon lights and music. It was very fun. Finally, my birthday was yesterday.  We ate pizza at the house of one of the missionary couples here. These missionaries actually lived in Mexico for about 15 years, so they baked me a traditional bread we make in Mexico for this date because it is actually a holiday there! It was amazing; I was so blessed by them and I had so much fun!

Work-wise, January is a very slow month, all our sisters, friends and potential friends are going back home for the biggest holiday celebration here. The campus we work at is almost empty and the few people left are busy either studying for finals or packing to go home. This will be a month to focus on other aspects like studying the language more and planning for the months to come. In February, we will be going to T-Land for 12 days for the annual retreat. It will be a great time where we will be receiving from pastors and leaders and connecting with the workers in other cities and divisions of Campus Target. After that, we will have some more training during the rest of February and we will have an opportunity to connect with people back in Mexico and invite them to join this work.