Rewind to this time last month.  We sat in the specialist’s office at Strong Memorial Hospital.  “Your son may have Neuroblastoma. Cancer.”  I’ll put that moment on the Top 5 list of scariest moments of my life.  Clark and I looked at each other, the doctor, and our then 2.5 month-old son.  We didn’t know what to say or what questions we should ask.  This is what we did know – a nerve that controls our son’s eye dilation was not working properly and will not fix itself.  There are two causes for this – birth trauma and cancer.  Later that day I was texting some friends and was reminded that it’s one of the hardest things to do to Trust the Lord with your children.  Not even 3 months into this whole parenting thing, and that lesson was something I needed to learn.  So we prayed, did the nonintrusive tests and exams, and after 3 weeks of waiting, the doctors ruled out cancer.  We praise the Lord and we continue to trust Him to heal our son’s nerve!

To say that trusting the Lord has been a lesson we’re learning is an understatement.  One of the primary reasons of coming home to the States was for me to finish my Masters in Professional Counseling.  After lots of complications and setbacks, at this time, we have decided to put my degree on hold.  We’ll continue to trust God and believe that He’ll open up counseling opportunities for me, with or without a degree.  Even now, I’m currently having a weekly Skype meeting with one of our workers in Asia whose father passed away 4 months ago.  My dream of becoming a grief counselor is something I’m living right now.

We’ve encountered new financial struggles in the past several months, which have caused me to question our ministry in reaching the Asian college students for Christ.  My faith wavered and my trust was weak.  To be honest, the idea of support raising has been a daunting task since the moment we returned back to the States.  My own lack of faith has affected our effectiveness in reaching full support.  Today the Lord whispered, “Trust Me.”

Right now, both Clark and I are asking you to join us on a little adventure.  For the next month, we are praying and fasting, specifically about our future.  We’re asking God for His timeline for us for returning to the nations. We’re asking God where He wants us to settle ourselves for the next 3-5 years – Asia, here at CT HQ, elsewhere?  Please pray for us!

This is what we know:  The Lord has called us to love Him and love others.  He’s called us to be influencers to the nations, to make the name of Jesus famous.  We’re learning to trust God in ways we have never had to before – with our son, our finances, our future, and so much more.

Thanks for standing by us, praying along with us, and for believing that Asia will be transformed for Christ.